The tax consulting and accounting company FIDUCIAIRE CONTINENTALE S.A. which operates at national and international levels is located in the city of Luxembourg, one of the best-known and most important financial and business centres worldwide, and offers you all services concerning the management of companies.

By using our services, you will benefit from our many years of experience in setting up your optimal structures within the possibilities of Luxembourg law and the requirements of international standards.

Our expertise and experience will help you with

  • Domiciliation of companies
    Formation, choice of the legal form, administration.
  • Statutory audit
    ‘Commissaire’ mandates.
  • Tax consultancy
    Optimal set-up of your tax situation.
  • Accounting
    Settlement of accounting and regulatory reporting procedure for companies domiciled in Luxembourg.
  • Personnel management
    Personnel management services: payroll accounting, recruitment, personnel development.
  • Consulting
    Consultancy and implementation of organisational change processes as well as other services.
- Professional service quality
- Embedded in the requirements of an international environment and
- Combined with tailor-made solutions,
- which meet the individual needs of our customers:
These are the values to which we are committed.

As a member of Moore Stephens International Ltd., an association of independent auditing and tax consulting companies, we have an excellent basis for our international activities.

  • Consultancy in international teams
  • International tax law
  • Cross-border transactions (restructuring, sale and purchase of companies, transfer of activities)

With 301 members in 100 countries and 636 locations, MOORE STEPHENS is represented by independent members in all important business centres worldwide thus making MOORE STEPHENS one of the leading and most renowned international associations.